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Duty Free Allowances

Duty-Free Allowances (For Travellers arriving in Mauritius and Rodrigues on International Flights).

Personal-use goods (i.e. not for re-sale) up to a value of:

  • Rs. 15,000 (Mauritian passport holder aged 12 or above)
  • Rs. 7,500 (Mauritian passport holder under 12 years of age)
  • Rs. 7,500 (Foreign passport holder. No age limit)

 Alcohol: 1 litre of spirits and 2 litres of wine or beer;Tobacco products: 250 grams
Traveller must be aged 18 years and over to qualify for alcohol and tobacco allowances.

Allowances for Mauritian Nationals Arriving from Rodrigues

  • Rs. 10,000 (aged 12 years and over)
  • Rs. 5,000 (under 12 years)
  • 1 litre of spirits and 2 litres of wine or beer and 250 grams of tobacco products
  • (Eligible for passengers aged 18 years and above)

Exclude: jewellery, arms and ammunitions, furniture and parts.

Mauritian passport holders leaving Mauritius for Rodrigues are not entitled to duty free allowances.

Can't find a product ?

We have over 10 000 products in store ! If you cannot find a particular product on our online catalogue, please contact us on (+230) 603 6400 or 603 6430 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Items reserved online should be collected at the Mauritius Duty Free Paradise shops at the new airport terminal. You will be required to present your passport, your boarding ticket and a copy of your product reservation to our sales staff.

Our sales team will confirm these details with you and upon your confirmed products reservation.

Shop at departures & collect at arrivals

For your convenience, it is not necessary to carry purchased goods with you as you travel. Departing passengers can buy in departures and collect in arrivals ( excluding Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco ) upon presentation of the receipt.

Kindly arrange with our staff for your purchases collection preferences.

Ordering process & guidelines

a. Please make sure that you are aware about customs and duty-free allowances per passenger.
b. Orders must be received at least 72 hours prior to your date of departure or arrival.
c. All orders are subject to stock availability.
d. Tobacco & alcoholic drinks are not for sale to people less than 18 years old.
e. Online Catalogue process:

- Browse through the different product categories or search by product name or by brand.
- Click on "Add to Cart" while you browse through the catalogue.
- When you're finished, simply click on "Reservation cart" to view or modify your cart
- Then click on "Checkout" to finalise your order.
- You have the choice to either (i) Create a new account or (ii) Existing user / client (iii) Check out as guest

( i ) Creating a new account gives you the possibility to check out faster on future purchases, check the status of your orders and also receive MDFP special offers and newsletters by email.
( ii ) Existing clients or users can simply enter their user name and password to complete the order. There is no need to re-enter your personal or contact details again.
( iii ) Check out as guest if you do not want to store your information online.

IMPORTANT NOTES:  Depending on foreign exchange rates, we reserve the right to amend or update any product price.  Stock levels or availability may vary from the time the product was ordered and by the time the client picks up his / her order at the designated shop.  Promotional items or special offers are time limited and are subject to stock availability at the time of pick-up.  All online orders are treated on a first-come, first served basis. 


An invoice will be generated representing the total of your reserved order. Payment of your order and reserved items should be effected at the duty free shops.

You can pay by credit card or cash, in local or foreign currencies.

Required information for order

International flights: Please note that you always need to provide your travel information (Flight details, dates and passport number) to be able to complete your order.

Returns or exchanges

Product returns or exchanges are acceptable within 30 days of purchase. You will need to provide the proof of purchase and travel information. You can either fill-in the customer service online form or download the form at xxxx.

Products must be returned in person at MDFP customer service department, airport office.


If you have a problem with your order, kindly contact customer service on (+230) 603 6400 or 603 6418 or on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill-in the form here.


The MDFP takes privacy seriously. Your personal, travel and shopping information will never be disclosed to any third party.

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